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Themed wine tastings will be scheduled at wine bars and specialty wine shops in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Upcoming tastings include:


Tastings will be planned for our wines of a particular region along with complementary food pairings.


Comparative tastings among different varietals will be scheduled.


Food and wine events will be scheduled to show how "food friendly" are our portfolio of wines. 

and, the wUst WINE TOURS... 

Since I have traveled through every wine region in Europe, if you might be interested in a customized wine tour in various regions in Europe, I could  be your  guide.  I know enough Italian, French, and Spanish to deal with everything, I'm great at navigating through the crazy roads in many wine regions, and know a lot of fun places to stay and enjoy meals.  For a break from all those strenuous wine tastings, I'm pretty cultured too (I studied  Philosophy and Classics...) and can also plan things like Museum visits, other events such as concerts, or fun diversions such as regional cooking classes or any other activities that you might enjoy.  Send me a  note if you might like to discuss a European wine tour.

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