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wUst Fine Wine Imports began out of my own search to add more variety to my own wine collection.  In the process, I found many talented and passionate wine makers who were not exporting their wines to the United States.

It would have been easy to head to the "prominent" wine regions such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, Barolo, or Montalcino and just explore different wineries whose wines I hadn't yet tried but that wouldn't have added any variety to my wine collection.  Instead, I embarked on a mission to visit every meaningful wine producing region in Europe.

What I found in my travels (12,000 miles in two months in eight different countries!) were delightful surprises almost  everywhere I went.  I met many very talented and passionate wine makers  - and who also had my perspective that a great wine begins with very focused vineyard management.  I experienced many delightful and different flavor profiles - particularly in wines with very interesting mineral content from smaller growing regions.  As an avid cook, I also had a huge number of new wine pairing ideas - and that is another aspect of what the wUst approach hopes to add to your enjoyment of wine.

The best attribute of the wines I have chosen, however, are that most of the producers are essentially making wines for themselves!  They know what flavor profiles go well with food and effectively make wine that they would be happy to drink every night - and that is the best recommendation for a wine that I can think about.


Our wines will be an eclectic mix that  will take you on an interesting journey.  They will all be very "food friendly" and will be ones you might enjoy opening every night.  From my own experience aging wines, however, many of them will also age very well and continue developing  deeper and richer flavor profiles.  There are also already enough "premium" wines in the world (mainly in terms of a premium price!) and I also will not select wines unless I believe they are a great value relative to their quality.


Although I definitely enjoy wine, I'm also a very avid cook.  My first decision is: what would I like to eat.  My second decision is: how would I like it to taste.  And then...that starts my imagination going about what wine might be fun to open with that meal.  That is why it is fun to have a lot of different wines - wines that you should try!

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