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Cuatro Rayas

Cuatro Rayas has been a long-time leader in improving viticulture and producing top quality wines in the Spanish region of Rueda.  Although Spain in general is much better known for red wines, the traditional varietal in Rueda is the expressive and aromatic white grape Verdejo.  Adding to the expressive characteristics of Verdejo is the geology in the region where there are significant deposits of both limestone and iron is the very stony and otherwise nutrient poor soils.  The two wines selected from Cuatro Rayas, which also includes a Tempranillo, are produced from older vines that are organically certified.

bushy vines.jpg

Limestone and clay soils for freshness and balance

old bush vines.jpg

Old bush vines for rich deep flavors

hand harvesting.jpg

Hand harvesting for maximum quality

Harvested grapes.jpg

Verdejo clusters after harvesting

The Wines

Organic Verdejo 2021 (OC, NF)


Aromas include lime, Meyer Lemon, honeydew melon, white flowers, citrus blossoms, and jasmine.  Flavors include lime, honeydew melon, green apple, and kiwi.  There is a medium body, good balance and acidity, and a long, full, and refreshing finish.


Food pairings would include sole, halibut, swordfish, shrimp, calamari, seafood pasta and salads, paella, veal, pork, chicken, asian seafood, pork, chicken, and noodle dishes, creamy yellow curries, Mexican pork, chicken, and seafood dishes, creamy Mexican food, chile verde, tacos, and mild, medium, and creamy cheeses.


Organic Tempranillo 2021 (OC, NF)


Aromas include dark cherries, dark plums, blackberries, blueberries, pomegranate, strawberries, and raspberries.  Flavors include blackberries, boysenberries, dark cherries, pomegranate, red peaches, and strawberries.  There is a medium body, perfect balance and acidity, and a medium, but long and lingering finish.


Food pairings would include Filet Mignon, New York Steak, short ribs, beef stew, grilled veal, lamb, pork, BBQ ribs, grilled chicken, duck, grilled sausages, cassoulet, salmon, shrimp, tuna, swordfish, clams, seafood stews and soups, cioppino, paella, jambalaya, tapas, Asian beef, pork, chicken, and noodle dishes, lamb curries and red curries, spicy Indian appetizers, Tandoori dishes, Mexican beef and pork dishes, chile verde, tamales, beef enchiladas, tacos, charcuterie, and mild, medium, and creamy cheeses.     

Verdejo 2018.jpg
Tempranillo 2017.jpg
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