Terre di Giurfo

In my search for outstanding vineyard locations in each region, that led me to Terre di Giurfo in the Sicilian region of Vittoria.  Wine regions in general often have far more variation than what might be implied as a fairly similar set of characteristics across each region and that is definitely true of Vittoria in Sicily.

Vittoria is in the southeastern corner of Sicily and is centered around the city by the same name.  But, the vineyards around the city, and which account for most of the production in the region, are on flat, dusty, and what can be very hot farmland as opposed to parts of the region with more hills further away from the city.  On my visits to wineries within the region I also definitely noticed differences between tasting wines produced near Vittoria and wines produced in parts of the region with higher elevations further from Vittoria.


At Terre di Giurfo, which is in rolling hills about five miles northeast of Mazzarrone and which is about 15 miles north of Vittoria, I found wines that had more freshness and expressiveness than other wines that I had tasted in the area.  Feeling the fresh breezes at their hilltop winery which is surrounded by their vineyards was one indication of the freshness that I then found in their wines but the hills also have more concentrations of limestone which I could also taste in the expressiveness of the wines.

The estate also had a good selection of native varietals and my initial selections were two whites, Insolia and Grillo, and three reds, Nero d'Avola, Frappato, and Cerasuolo di Vittoria, the renowned blend from the area which  combines the structure and richness of Nero d'Avola with the aromatics and expressive fruit of Frappato.  The farming on the estate is also of the highest quality with organic farming in the vineyards and manual harvesting of all the grapes.



Expansive hilltop vineyards of Terre di Giurfo


Winery on top of the hill


View from the Winery


Insolia vines

The Wines

"Alaki" Insolia 2020 (OF, NF)

"Suliccenti" Grillo 2020 (OF, NF)

"Alaki" Insolia 2019 (OF, NF)

"Belsito" Frappato 2020 (OF, NF)

"Maskaria" Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG 2015 (OF, NF)

alaki insolia back.jpg
Suliccenti back.jpg
ALAKI NdA back.jpg
BELSITO back.jpg
MASKARIA back.jpg