Celler Arrufi

Terra Alta is an interesting region in the northeast of Spain in Catalonia.  The region is not as well known as the adjacent regions of the Priorat or Montsant but for those in the know, the combination of its higher elevation (Terra Alta!) and its mix of clay, sandy soils, and limestone can result in very expressive wines.  The potential quality and initial recognition of the region unfortunately did not escape the notice of "big players" that attempt to exploit every trend they see in the wine industry by then churning out cheap wines from those regions.  That then results in seeing wines at $10 to $12 a bottle from such regions which cheapens the perception of an entire region.

As I focus on what the locals love to drink, however, that led me to Celler Arrufi in Batea.  Celler Arrufi is a family project of Esteve Arrufi (whose family has long had vineyards in the area), his wife Sol, and their two sons, Francesc and Esteve Jr.  The project was founded on the principles organically certified vineyards, naturally fermented and minimal intervention wines, and also vegan wines and some wines with no added sulfites.

When initially tasting at their winery I was particularly struck by the freshness and expressiveness of their wines.  With an overall portfolio of mainly organically farmed and naturally fermented wines where I am also focusing on "expressiveness" with every wine (instead of "smooth and polished" wines!), I found the wines both fun and delightful.  As a lover of Grenache (or Garnacha in Spain...or Garnatxa in Catalunya!), the freshness of the their Garnatxa was really remarkable.  Their main Garnatxa Blanca (Panical) was also really fun and fresh and their Garnatxa Blanca with no added sulfites (Sol Vi) was also a revelation that is tempting me to start sticking my toe into the water of wines with no added sulfites.


By the way, concerning wines with no added sulfites, as an importer whose wines have to travel from Europe, I think I have been risk-averse about wines with no added sulfites although overall I mainly have what in my view are "natural wines" given that most of my wines are naturally fermented.  Unfortunately the view of natural wines has had its own complex twists and turns to include extreme points of view such as they all have to have no added sulfites - or even that controlling fermentation temperatures to maintain the freshness of a wine is considered "intervention"!


I have begun to taste more and more really delightful wines with no added sulfites in Europe, however, and plan to add more in the future.  A very delightful example also currently in the portfolio is the really remarkable 2011 La Sabina from Las Moradas de San Martin in the Sierra de Gredos.  I was just dumbstruck by that wine - a ten year old wine with no added sulfites that tasted as fresh and pure as a two or three year old wine.


Unfortunately "natural wines" also have a reputation for "funkiness" but I also have some interesting observations about that from visiting lots of wineries all around Europe.  The sulfite free naturally fermented wines that I've tasted that were fresh, clean tasting, and expressive also came from producers with immaculately clean fermentation areas and from winemakers that had a high level of attention to detail and wine making experience.  The funky and umm, stinky, "natural wines".that I've tasted were all from producers whose cellars were funky and stinky and who appeared to be sort of "winging it" in the wine making process.



Vineyard west of Batea




Vineyard east of Batea


Garnatxa Blanca!

The Wines

Panical 2020 (OC, NF)

Trepadella 2020 (OC, NF)

Sol Vi 2020 (OC, NF, SF)

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