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Chateau des Adouzes

Chateaux des Adouzes is located in the small village of Roquessels, a few minutes drive from the village of Faugeres.  The rocky terrain around Roquessels is also considered the best vineyard location in the Faugeres appelation as the vineyards are in a natural bowl that contains significant deposits of schist.  The wind patterns in this area also provides cooling winds to mitigate the summer heat and to maintain healthy vines and the freshness of the fruit.

The Faugeres appellation is also usually considered one of the best in the Languedoc and it is the only Languedoc appellation with similar terroir throughout the area.   The deposits of schist are very infertile and drain water well which makes the vine roots go very deep down to fractures in the bedrock.  This makes the vines very resistant to drought and the lack of organic matter provides a pronounced minerality to the wines.  Schist also absorbs and stores heat during the day and slowly releases it at night which promotes healthy grape ripening.

Another attribute of the Chateau des Adouzes wines are the age of the vines.  All of the vines are at least 70 years of age and most are over 90 years old.  The age of the vines is part of the terroir as well as they produce rich concentrated fruit that create the remarkable expressiveness in the Adouzes wines.


90 year old Grenache vine


Part of the Adouzes vineyards


Looking up into the surrounding hills


Looking down into the bowl of vineyards from the hill above the village

The Wine

Chateau des Adouzes "Le Tigre" Faugeres Rouge 2018 (OF, NF)

*** Ratings: Wine Advocate, 90 points; Jancis Robinson, 17/20


The 2018 is a blend of 35% Grenache, 35% Carignan, and 30% Syrah from old vines of at least 70 years of age.  The vineyard location is also significant as the black schist under the vineyards add a lot of complexity to the wine.

Aromas include dark plums, blackberries, dark cherries, cocoa, and spices such as cardamom, coriander, and nutmeg along with hints of persimmon and cedar.  Flavors include dark plums, dark cherries, and blackberries with hints of spice and caramel.  There is medium body, perfect balance across the palate, good acidity for lots of food pairings, and a refreshing minerally finish with a hint of complementary tannins.

Food pairings would include New York Steak, Rib Eye, Roast Beef, short ribs, lamb, BBQ ribs, grilled pork chops, grilled chicken, coq au vin, cassoulet, Asian beef and pork dishes, Mexican beef, pork, and chicken dishes, charcuterie, and lots of cheeses ranging between mild, medium, and rich cheeses. 

Adouzes Le Tigre Back.JPG
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